As President of S.C. Care & Associates, Mr. Kueker heads a company that specializes in helping educate the Baby Boomers or about to be retired person. In business for over 30 years, and a retired stockbroker, Mr. Kueker’s sound, conservative guidance and tax savings strate­gies have assisted hundreds of clients “build, protect, and preserve their financial assets”. He assists clients in achieving their goals and objectives by integrating all as­pects of financial planning including estate investment, tax strategies, and insurance. His unique approach provides a framework for sound advice, wisdom for today, and a plan for the future.

Mr. Kueker brings an expertise and understanding of the needs, concerns and problems troubling today’s Baby Boomers and retirees. A Registered Investment Advisor, with a Securities Exchange Series 65 license, Mr. Kueker is in a strategic position to look out for your best interest by recommending investments that offer lower expense ratios.

Mr. Kueker believes that brokerage products and selling on a commission basis may not be in the best interest of his clients. By using a fee based platform, the investment and estate planning advice or investment management you receive can be more objective and tailored to your need.

He is also insurance licensed to represent income, estate and wealth transfer financial vehicles. However, he has no obligation to a particular insurance institution. He makes a disclosure when any of these institutions com­pensate him directly.

Mr. Kueker operates his company virtually from Arizona, servicing clients in three states, Arizona, Illinois and Florida. 

Born and raised in Illinois, Mr. Kueker is married with three children and five grandchildren.


Meet the Markowskis

By partnering with Markowski Investments S.C. Care has become stronger and even more focused on professional financial planning that is about sustainable growth creating security for you. Aging brings to the fore font that continuity is imperative, and I want to provide that for you. That is why partnering with the Markowski brothers, an outstanding group of young men just made sense. These men #1 understand market philosophy, and #2 are on the leading edge of what is happening with the rapidly, day to day, changing market utilizing sophisticated technology. By constantly monitoring market fluctuations and adapting plans to new challenges that create balance, together we provide what you need to stay ahead of the trends. This merger means the five of us work smarter on your behalf.

Chris Markowski

Partner & Advisor

Prior to the start of Markowski Investments, Chris worked on Wall Street as an investment banker. Since 2002 he has hosted of one of the longest running financial radio shows in the country, The Watchdog on Wall Street Radio Show. Chris has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, and many other media outlets. On his radio show, he warned about the dot-com bubble and the 2008 financial collapse even before they occurred.

Mike Markowski

Partner & Advisor

With over two decades of investment advisory experience, Michael Markowski leads operations, on-going business development, and research for the firm. He ensures that client experience is excellent from the first contact and throughout the engagement. Michael has always focused on creating lasting relationships with new and existing clients of the firm.

Matthew Markowski

Partner & CFP®

Matthew Markowski has been helping clients grow and protect their assets since 1999. He has helped clients navigate up and down markets with a long-term view. As a Certified Financial Planner®, he is experienced in all types of investment management and financial planning. Matthew is proud that his loyal client base has been with the firm for almost two decades.

Joshua Markowski


Joshua was one of the youngest registered Investment Advisors in history. He is also dually registered as a Securities Principal and an Options Principal. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant® and received his education at the American College of Financial Services. Joshua’s main focus is on developing new client relationships and the ongoing operations of the firm.